Château Favori… an ideal situation, attested for centuries

Imagine, at an altitude of 200 metres, in the heart of the forests, a magnificent amphitheatre on precious groundwater that naturally hydrates the cultures, even in case of prolonged drought… An ideal situation, attested for centuries by the given name of the place where the vineyard is located: “Favori”.

It is said that rosé was invented in Provence. In any case, the Romans had already planted their vines there to make rosé, the Templars developed agriculture in the region, which then experienced a tremendous boom growth shortly before the Napoleonic era, as evidenced by the kilometres of restanques (traditional walls made of local stones) and the remains of drainage and irrigation systems punctuating the estate. Generations of winegrowers have perpetuated this rich past, selling their crops to a local trader. In 2019, Château Favori is renewing this tradition of excellence by launching its own cuvée.